As a photographer, I believe my primary tools are not camera, lens, and light meter, but observation, awareness, and imagination. In managing a visual image, be it a photograph or a line drawing, the choices of subject matter, viewpoint, and timing serve as the foundation upon which the technical aspects of craft are reliant.

I am inherently drawn to the design elements of line, shape, form, texture, surface, mass, and transparency. Bringing visual order to these elements to create a cogent photographic document is fundamental, but would be incomplete without aptly using light to reveal their qualities, add insight to perception, and make the photograph come alive.

I shoot both large format film and digital, and maintain a black and white darkroom. I believe in forming long term, collaborative relationships with clients. I am a general member of ASMP.

Thank you for your interest and visiting my site, I look forward to hearing from you.

- Otto Greule